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8/7/2012 - Video


Things I have also made: Harry Potter postcard books. (: These are from what’s left over from a set my gran gave me aaages ago.

(They’re also on etsy.)

Aw, Harry Potter ones are cute as well. :D


So, I’ve finally been able to set up an account for Pottermore after not bothering to register for the BETA testing thinking it wouldn’t last very long.

My username is GalleonSky16092.

What’s the best feature of Pottermore you’ve found so far?

6/30/2012 - Video

The many emotions of Sirius Black.

Is he secretly Bella’s evil twin?

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Harry Potter

New Harry Potter material?

JKRowling’s website has a new Room of Requirement door challenge on it dated 13/01/12. But there is a do not disturb sign on the door, and I can’t work out how to open it or if you can open it yet.

Go to and then click on the rubber on the main page and see if you can help me work it out?

It might be more new content/an announcement relating to Pottermore. :D  

Reblog so we can find an answer if there is one? 

11/19/2010 - Video


Harry Potter

Trailer. Aha.