Greetings, Air.


Day 26 — Your week, in great detail

I hate being awake so early. *grumble grumble grumble*. So, my plans for the next week are:


College, then pub again o_O It’s a good job I’m still not drinking really/don’t really drink much anyway. It’s so cold today as well. Not sure what I’m doing after the pub yet, but I know I could do with some sleep.


I have work. After work, another pub trip. I think I need to get people going elsewhere again somehow. I’m really starting to hate the pub.


Questionable work. Otherwise just a nice lazy day I think :) As I don’t think I have plans at the moment.


Day off Monday, then a friend’s birthday which should be a laugh, although another trip to the pub. I’m really starting to sound like an alcoholic here. I can’t wait until it’s warmer so we can start going to the park and stuff again for picnics.


College again on Tuesday, and then the pub again. Oh the joy. I might have to start drinking again just to justify it, rather than just doing some hardcore non-alcoholic J20/Root Beer drinking.


Wednesday I have a day off, and I’m meant to be going to see Zebrahead. However, I still need someone to buy my ticket. I may just risk travelling up there and seeing if they have any on the door. If not I’ll probably just have a lazy movie and pizza day.


I currently have no plans for Thursday other than college. Maybe I should make some? ^_^

/another boring blog.